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AP7 Sustainability Report 2019 published in English

AP7 Sustainability Report 2019

AP7 has over SEK 600 billion invested in over 3000 companies worldwide. The large and wide universal ownership enables us to address the global challenges we face. This is done together with other committed owners around the world.

A clear example of the power behind universal ownership and the importance of collaboration can be seen in this year’s Sustainability Report on pages 16-17 where we explain how climate lobbying has gone from a non-issue to a norm through dialogue with fossil companies and voting at their general meetings.

We have also sought to deepen the perspectives on the effect of active ownership through an interview with economics doctor Emma Sjöström from the Stockholm School of Economics. What does research say about active ownership?

The report is written during the current Corona crisis, which raises the possibility of future action in the climate crisis. As Richard Gröttheim, CEO of AP7, writes under the heading Collaboration the key to sustainable change:

The pandemic has shown that, when we are faced with an explicit and immediate threat, humanity shows an enormous capacity to act globally – govern ments, company managements, and private citizens. My hope is that a similar capacity to act can also be mobilised for the more drawn-out climate crisis we are facing.

AP7 Sustainability Report 2019