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Reduced management fee for AP7 Equity Fund to 0.075 percent

The management fee of the AP7 Equity Fund will be reduced from 0.08 percent to 0.075 percent on 1 January 2021.

AP7’s fees are continuously reduced whenever possible, since AP7 is a government agency and therefore non-profit. The sole objective is to manage the money for savers who do not wish to make an active choice in the premium pension system. AP7 Såfa is designed to complement the state income pension, with greater risk diversification and potentially higher investment returns.

“We have a responsibility to gradually reduce the fee whenever we can. Over a ten-year period of fee reductions, we have also improved AP7 Såfa into an increasingly sophisticated product, while continuously developing our role as an active owner in the sustainability work,” says Richard Gröttheim, CEO of AP7.

The last time the fee was reduced for the AP7 Equity Fund was in January 2020. The fee for the AP7 Fixed Income Fund remains unchanged at 0.04 percent.

The average fee in AP7 Såfa has more than halved since 2010, from 0.13 percent to 0.06 percent. The management fee of the AP7 Såfa portfolio is related to the management fees of the AP7 Equity Fund (fee 0.075 percent) and the AP7 Fixed Income Fund (fee 0.04 percent), and varies between the age groups, since AP7 Såfa is automatically adapted to each individual saver’s age.