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Annual financial reports

Please note that AP7, Sjunde AP-fonden, do not publish complete annual financial reports in English.

Below is a translated excerpt from the annual report 2020.
Here you can download our complete Annual Report for 2020 in Swedish.

The illustration on the cover of this year’s annual report shows the trend for our Equity Fund and Fixed Income Fund in the past ten years.

In the extract from the annual report Ingrid Albinsson, Head of Asset Management, elaborates on the value of diversification during the covid-year of 2020. Richard Gröttheim, CEO of AP7, summarizes the extreme year of 2020 with how difficult it is to anticipate short-term movements in the stock market. It can be clearly seen on the front illustration that major market downswings occur regularly. It also shows how important it is to retain a long-term perspective when managing pension assets, and that risk must be regarded as an opportunity. This particularly applies when one of the main aims of the premium pension system is to enable higher return and risk spreading compared with the low level of risk in the income pension.
Olivia S. Mitchell, professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, reasons in a guest chronicle on; How do we build better retirement systems in the world after the global epidemic?

Here you can you find previous Annual Reports since 2000 in Swedish.